Creative Lab, publishes online magazine
We help organizations to tell valuable stories
We help to develop a long-term communication plan that takes into account the goals of your organization and the interests of the target audience.
Communication Strategy
We create storytelling for a sophisticated creative class and early adopters audience.
Special projects in online magazine
We create storytelling that can attract attention and deliver the message you need within your communication strategy.
Ready to go communication projects
Delivering the values of the organization through real stories, people and experience. We start with storymining and creation of unique messaging.
Employer branding communication
Our cases
Our superpower is a total awareness about our audience's tastes and behaviours as we are media publishers who are delivering stories everyday. We are not just create out of the box ideas for communication — we help to win people's attention.
Our clients and partners:
Every project is a collaboration
It is crucial for brand values to meet values of the audience and Platformagic otherwise a campaign won't be successful. That's why we love our partners and clients.
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We create projects of different complexity as well as outside the box campaigns. Just let us look at your brief.